Hapa Holidays

Lunar New Year (Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese)

One of our favorite things to do is go to the Lunar New Year celebration at the Walter’s Art Gallery. There are crafts, and music, and ÀiShī’s favorite, the Lion Dance! She watched, hair standing on end the whole time. 🙂

(The video still looks strange, but it does play upright.)





Yut-nori is a traditional Korean game played at Lunar New Year Celebrations. They had game boards available at the Lunar New Year Celebration at the Walter’s Art Gallery.



Dragon Boat Festival (Chinese)



Mid-Autumn Festival (Chinese)

14364821_150445472073650_7525089907507687391_n.jpgThis past year, my husband wasn’t able to be at home with us for our celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Because it wasn’t something my family had ever heard of growing up, I looked up all kinds of activities for me and ÀiShī to do.

We celebrated lighting a lantern (just with a battery candle), and ate some traditional Mid-Autumn Festival food from the local Asian market. ÀiShī’ and I listened to music her Baba sent us. We ended the night with a cartoon that explained the basis for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Children’s Day (Korean, Japanese)


Chuseok (Korean)


Tanabata Festival (Japanese)