About Us & User’s Guide

Hi! Ni hao!

This Hapa family consists of a Mommy, a Baba, and a baby girl! I’m Emily. I’m English, Welsh, and German; Míng, my husband is Chinese, from Shen Yang and Shan Dong. He immigrated to North Carolina just before starting Kindergarten. ÀiShī*, our baby, is Hapa!

We are enjoying the experience of combining cultures, and sharing the best of them with our daughter. Challenges definitely arise, especially being the first in my circle to have a Hapa baby, and trying to blaze a trail for ourselves.


As for me, I am no authority on the experience of the mixed-race child. I am searching, and reading, and learning in the hope of facilitating my daughter’s successful building of her own unshakable identity. All of the learning our family muddles through is done with a lot of curiosity, open-mindedness, and love!

*A nickname has been given for her privacy


This blog is intended for first-time parents of Hapa babies. Especially white mothers, like myself, who don’t have any firsthand experience of the oppressiveness of our society toward POC. I will do my best to gather resources and information to aid in our understanding of our childrens’ different experiences, so that we can raise confident, empathetic, and responsive young people.

I am the mother of an American-Chinese baby, so many of the resources I post will relate to Chinese culture and Mandarin. I also have a few close friends who are Hapa-mommies of American-Korean mixed babies, so I am able to include resources in Korean as well. Unfortunately, I don’t have the same experience and knowledge for parents of American-Japanese, American-Filipino, or American-Vietnamese Hapa babies. I will share whatever resources I find, but this blog is directed more toward Hapa babies with a Chinese or Korean parent.