Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival

I have been excited for this for weeks.

It felt so Christmas-y last night, when my husband and I put our daughter to bed and tip-toed around the house, setting up a lantern-filled wonderland for ÀiShī to wake up to.

I have been thinking and planning about what round foods to buy, what poems to decorate our lanterns with, and what small present to get for ÀiShī. (We went for a small rubber Mulan doll with interchangeable clothes, and our kid spent a lot of the afternoon just biting her hand.)


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I finally found and heavily adapted a good recipe for our homemade Moon Cakes, since ÀiShī and I are allergic to the commercial ones. While delicious, mine seem rich enough to be a coronary Russian-roulette in every bite. They did a great job holding the design of the mold, though, so I give them 2 enthusiastic thumbs-up.

I could not wait to bring ÀiShī down the steps in the morning to see the dining room. She shouted “Me!” as soon as she saw the big red lion lantern we had gotten for her, and I knew we’d hit it out of the park.

ÀiShī helped us set up the honor table with the pomelo, clementines, grapes, tomatoes, Asian pear, pomegranate seeds, and rice cookies; she stuffed herself full of pomegranate the whole time. It was also her first real time drinking tea, which she LOVED, and we didn’t even regret it come nap time! 😀

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In the evening, we had a huuuuge dinner and then went out for a walk. ÀiShī had a great time parading around with her big Lion Dance lantern. When we came back, we wrote the Chinese poems we had chosen on our lanterns in metallic Sharpie. 

Right before her bedtime, we hung our lanterns out in our tree and read her Thanking the Moon book. 

Our next big thing next year will be staying up until the moon comes out so she can send a wish up to Chang-O! 


A very kuaile second Zhongqiu jie for ÀiShī and for us! ❤


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