Preparing to Honor the Moon!

Zhongqiu jie (or Mid-Autumn Festival) is sneaking right up on us this year.

I had barely gotten our back to school planners, when I realized I should look up when the Mid-Autumn Festival was going to fall this year. Luckily it falls later, on October 4th. Which is still pretty soon.

The Mid-Autumn Festival, or Moon Festival…or “Chinese Thanksgiving” as Ming likes to call it…is wonderful. From my understanding of it, it is a celebration of the moon, food and family, ancestors and round things.

I am completely taken with the tins the mooncakes come in at the local Asian Market…but all their mooncakes are cooked with nuts and/or peanut oil. As an allergy family, it really slows the rhythm of this holiday, if we can’t do one of the most cherished pieces of the event!

This year I’ve ordered a mooncake mold: This is the one I got, but there are tons of other choices on Amazon alone. (Ordered from there because of the 2-day shipping.) I plan to make our own version of mooncakes with cookie dough, or cupcake batter, and see how that works out this year. (Last year I bought mooncakes from the Asian Market and we all sat around just looking at them, which is pretty sad. …Then I ended up taking them to work so someone could eat them.)

We are pretty well stocked for the rest of the traditions:

We have a paper lantern for ÀiShī to parade around with, which is another of the big traditions of the day. Afterwards, we will write a good wish on each of our lanterns and hang our three lanterns in our tree to light up the yard.

We will make some time to call ÀiShī’s Tai Lao Lao and Tai Lao Ye through WeChat, give ÀiShī her little gift, and read her Mid-Autumn Festival book. (Thanking the Moon, Lin)

I am -so- pumped! I loved celebrating this festival for the first time last year. It will be a thousand times better with Ming home this year!


“I wish you meaning and life like the moon on this Mid-Autumn Festival, full, dignified, and bright.”


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