Baby Haven

When decorating our toddler’s new room, we felt it important to give her a sort of sanctuary from everything else going on outside our door. (Not unlike how we had set up our own bedroom.) The world is an exciting and wonderful place, but it can be busy, and sometimes, scary. We wanted to make sure she has a place to feel grounded. Someplace where she knows exactly who she is.

So, we made sure to give her spots around the room dedicated to her favorite things: reading, legos, dolls, and llamas, at the moment…

(When she picked up the llama lamp in the store, I could barely get her to stop kissing it.)

We have taken serious consideration to include both of our (Ming’s and mine) heritage cultures in her decorations, often combining them when we can. We printed women in dresses featuring Chinese and Welsh designs, and a word each in Welsh and Chinese of characteristics we hope for her to embody.

Her bookshelf wall is stocked with books on all different subjects. There are books of Chinese culture, books for her Baba to read to her in Chinese, a couple Welsh stories, many mainstream American books, and some books in French (which I speak). We set up the reading corner with a big comfy beanbag chair and a couple of reading buddies–Tiana and Mulan, for the moment.

The decorations will change with her tastes and interests, but I really hope that we can keep the grounded feeling of her little space in the world.



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