The TFBoys

She’s only a toddler, but our kid is already fangirling hard for China’s TFBoys. She has us playing their songs on repeat and shouts the words she knows.

It’s pretty dope.

I’m already really impressed by how she’s picking up words from these songs–they’re too fast for me, but I’m also not a native speaker.

It’s pretty cool that we have Youtube for our kids, because we have so much control over what they watch. I can make sure that our daughter sees about equal representation of her races, while still acknowledging the difference in mainstream screen-time. I really hope that this will help give our kid the esteem boost, that science tells us white males get when watching tv. (Read more about that here.)

TF Boys Video

Another video: 寵愛舞蹈版

Read more about the TFBoys

Note: There is occasional underlying communist propaganda, which is part of how they were able to become so big in China amid strict government censorship.
It’s also worth nothing that these kids are the first Chinese boy-band to ever get this big in China. Usually the ultra-popular pop songs in China are from Korea or Japan. Pretty exciting! 😀
Photo courtesy of VCG/VCG via Getty Images



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