Individual Love

Sometimes it is easy to get swept up in lessons, and parables, and making sure we foster a pure sense of identity in our kids. We know how important it is, especially for our kids, who can be seen as different at first glance.

But remembering that they are individuals is the most important gift we can

give them.   Listening to their individual experiences. Fostering their individual interests. Decorating their rooms with things they personally love.

Being the representation of so much must be a beautiful burden at times. I can completely understand occasionally identifying with one of their cultures over another. But they are always, always themselves.

Provide opportunities for them to get lost in things they love… things that have nothing to do with their heritage. Fill their rooms with lego, or art supplies. Curate a mini-library for them on archeology. Let them spend days planning a garden, and then watch what they have created, flourish. They get to be themselves first.

One day, our beautiful babies’ generation will run this world.



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