The Girl Just Wants to Have Sun

But, no! Sunscreen first, ma’am!

It has been the war of the century to get everyone on board with putting sunscreen on this baby before she heads outside. We’ve quoted doctors, explained and re-explained, and chased family members out the door, applying sunscreen to the tiny one as she’s whisked away for an outing.

For some reason, this seems all too common with Hapas.

My husband (a doctor himself) never used sunscreen growing up. I, being of a more translucent complexion, always did.

ÀiShī was born with a “summer glow” I will never be able to achieve. It is deceptive to look at her skin and imaging it being damaged, when she never burns. But the melanin is not protective enough to fight sun damage. Especially until age 18, skin is vulnerable to cumulative damage from the sun’s rays. A couple bad burns before 18 significantly raise your skin cancer risk.

So we slather ÀiShī with sunscreen. It has been a difficult task to find a lotion that doesn’t cause her eczema to break out, and it is still usually best if she wash off on a day where we’ve reapplied multiple times. But our dermatologist recommended, and ÀiShī approved pick is Neutrogena Baby Pure & Free. It’s good to choose a lotion that is at least 60 SPF, but the main thing you want is a Broad Spectrum lotion, which blocks UVA and UVB rays.

*Whew, something I can write about with full confidence! I don’t have the experience of being in my daughter’s shoes, and I am certainly not any kind of authority on racial oppression. But when we come to skin that needs SPF–you’re in my wheelhouse!*

Now go get your babies some Vitamin Sea! 😉



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