Hapa Hair



One thing about Hapa babies is that you never know how their hair will come out. Going along with t

he interesting hair patterns and swirls Hapas often have, the texture isunpredictable.

ÀiShī has soft, thick hair. The color is like my mom’s, and she is getting even more red highlights. Her hair gets knotty easily. I find at least three big knots each time I brush her hair. Her hair is also brittle; she had a headful of split ends before her first birthday.

The first thing that we tried was washing her hair less frequently, settling on about two washes per week. That is still working for us, but I needed to find her a new conditioner.

DSC_0622 (1)

After trying what felt like a thousand, but was probably more like four, we tried a sample size of Fekkai Grapeseed Oil Conditioner. Amazing for ÀiShī. Her hair was glossy and easy to brush in one wash. Like so noticeably different that our extended family commented on it.

My disclaimer at this point would be: In my experience all Hapa hair has its own challenges. What works for ÀiShī might not work for our Tiny 2 (whenever he or she comes into being), or your baby. The only constant I’ve noticed is a need for deep conditioner.

So, keep sudsing, friends! Something will work for your beautiful Hapa hair!


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