I felt very cross -or- All about Hapa eyes

Guest post by my husband Ming:

As a baby, we were concerned that ÀiShī’s eyes were not matching. This extended beyond the normal age for drifting and crossed eyes to have self-corrected.



It seemed as if the left one was crossed. Sometimes it looked normal, sometimes it didn’t. But we were worried, nonetheless.

Thankfully, our pediatrician, the stupendous Dr. L, got us in to see a pediatric ophthalmologist.


His office looked like his last name–Chinese. It was quaint. He was definitely charismatic, and little ÀiShī loved him! He kept her entertained with finger puppets throughout the entire exam–even giving her dilating eye drops.


Afterwards we learned two things:

  1. ÀiShī is going to be seriously nearsighted, like her Baba. (It’s amazing how early they can tell these things.) Plan: Glasses at about 4 yrs.
  2. ÀiShī had something called pseudostrabismus–extra skin around her nose, making one eye look crossed when it really wasn’t. A lot of Asian and Hapa babies have this; the bridge of their nose is flatter. Plan: Self-resolves as the baby grows into their face. 🙂

Return to clinic prn.



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