Explaining Hapa to ÀiShī

There are a lot of difficult explanations parents have to give a kid. I imagine that few are more difficult than explaining being bi-racial to a child.  Explaining why a child stands out so much in family photos. Explaining why people keep asking, “But what are you?”

To make it even a little tougher, our kid is completely hung-up on detail. I mean, this is the kid who, for a time, greeted me as “Mole”, after discovering a small mole on my foot. How much is she going to sweat the details of being mixed-race?

One item on our wedding registry was a set of Seletti Hybrid glasses (pictured above). They are a grafting of an English tumbler and a Chinese glass. At the time it seemed a pretty representation of the coming together of our two cultures.

Now the glasses have proved much more important.

Ming and I are using the glasses as a visual to help ÀiShī create her own identity. To me, it represents Hapa perfectly: one side Chinese, one side European; both sides beautiful, creating a magnificent whole.

ÀiShī is the expert of her own experience. Neither her Baba or I had the experiences of a Hapa child, but we certainly plan on being there to support her through the experience of discovering her own Hapa identity.




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