Celebrating Zhua Zhou!

The first birthday is a big deal in Chinese culture. We decided to celebrate in serious style, with the tiger (ÀiShī and Míng’s namesake) as the theme.


We decided to go pretty big with the Chinese traditions for this birthday, because in Chinese culture, birthdays that contain the digit 9 or 0 are a huge deal, but the rest of them aren’t really celebrated. (ÀiShī’s other birthdays will be celebrated in the Western style.)

One of the things we did to celebrate ÀiShī was to dye eggs red. Red eggs symbolize happiness. We also wrote qualities that we wish for ÀiShī on the eggs with a gold pen. This was one of my favorite things from the party because they were pretty understated, but looked gorgeous.

We also celebrated Zhua Zhou. During Zhua Zhou, a special family member puts out items in front of the baby. Whatever object the baby picks, is thought to be representative of their future profession.


We chose ÀiShī’s godmothers to lay out the objects.

Unfortunately, ÀiShī’s Gugu (paternal aunt) was unable to attend the Zhua Zhou, but her Ginny (maternal aunt) laid out the items!


Then ÀiShī was able to choose as we all watched!



Another celebration of the baby requires the father to hold up the baby as high as he can, while the mother gently straightens the baby’s legs toward the floor. This is thought to give the baby courage to reach for ambitious goals, but also stay grounded.



The last celebration was the birthday noodle. I cooked up some noodles, and found the longest one I could that was intact. In Chinese tradition the infant must eat a long noodle, symbolizing a long and prosperous life.15976976_232792303838966_6690914728909318935_n




And we also did cake…


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